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Heatless Hair Curlers

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Our heatless curl hair ribbon is a new way of curling your hair created to give you gorgeous curls without damaging your hair without heat!

These are long enough to be tightly fixed and are perfect for thick, thin, curly, or straight hair. The rounded edges and smooth surface will not pull or damage your hair

⁃ Put the curling rod over your head like a headband
⁃ you can clip it at the top or secure one side with a scrunchie like a ponytail
⁃ Next wind dry hair around the other side of the curling ribbon and secure with a scrunchie on the bottom.
⁃ Make sure to wind tightly and start near the top of your head.
⁃ Can leave in for an hour or two or overnight!
⁃ We find it works best with damp hair